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The SelfCookingCenter XS is now available in the marine version

10th of October 2018

After Rational's highly successful launch of the SelfCookingCenter XS, the marine version of this appliance model is now following. The small combi-steamer will now also demonstrate its great performance and commitment on cruise ships, yachts, freighters and in the navy.

Rational is once again showing its awareness of trend with the expansion of the XS range to include the marine version. The previous culinary concepts on more and more passenger ships are being revised, and instead of size, cruise lines are increasingly betting on small and specialised on-board restaurants. Accordingly, other appliances are also needed in the galleys. "Individual à la carte menus instead of the big battle at the cold buffet, healthy food that is not fattening, opening times of bars and restaurants of 20 hours and more - this is where we are seeing the trend on cruise ships," Mikael Eliasson, Director International Key Account Marine at Rational, explains the situation on board. In addition, it is precisely these individual requirements in the galley that Rational is addressing: with large appliances for volume production, crew catering and with smaller units such as the XS for the speciality restaurants. This makes the company from Landsberg am Lech an important partner when it comes to delivering the very best guest culinary experience.

Since cruise ships are under increasing competitive pressure, it is even more important for cruise lines to be able to show off unique features. A crucial way to achieve this is by working towards an exclusive restaurant concept. For cruise ships with at least 5,000 passengers on board it is common that up to twelve different restaurants and 20 bars have to be supplied with food throughout the day. This is where the SelfCookingCenter can show off its qualities: Fast production, reliable quality and high flexibility are the main points.
With a depth of only 55.5 cm and a width of 65.5 cm, SelfCookingCenter XS takes up very little space. And thanks to the UltraVent® Plus XS, the condensation hood for vapours, the small unit can also be used in the front cooking area, such as at a buffet or at the bar, because it minimises unpleasant smells.

Of course, Rational also knows that there are safety regulations to be taken into consideration on the high seas. This is why the marine version XS has various special stands, whose feet can be fixed to the floor or work top, a special hinging rack with a securing bracket to prevent trays and grids from slipping out when out at sea, as well as a door stop to secure the cooking cabinet door. The marine version can also be connected together using ConnectedCooking. This is especially beneficial on large ships with numerous kitchens and cooking facilities: the units can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone right from the desk and cooking programmes managed, while HACCP data can be saved automatically, which is particularly important where there are many people in a relatively small space. This is what Rational means by maximum convenience.

In addition, to use on cruise ships, the SelfCookingCenter and the SelfCookingCenter XS is of course also suitable for many other types of vessel: freighters, larger yachts, river ships and the navy. This really does give the impression that nothing stands in the way of Rational conquering the seven seas.