DL SERVICES : As independent designers, we cater to our customers wishes, actively participating in new building and modernization / refit projects, putting together food flow concepts, lay-out designs with itemized budgeted equipment specifications, turnkey specifications and installation...




Superyacht owner's guide

The Superyacht Owners’ Guide (SYOG) is a luxury hardback book offering owners and potential owners the education, advice and contacts they need to realise their dream. Produced to the highest standards, the seventh edition is available in September 2014 at the Monaco Yacht Show.

SYOG is more relevant and tailored than ever, providing topical and informative guidance and all the contacts you need for your new-build, refit or repair project, alongside a ‘best practice’ approach to planning, scheduling, managing and delivering your superyacht dream.

In short, SYOG helps navigate a clear path through your project of who, what, where, when and how. When there is a clear vision of what needs to be achieved, SYOG then provides all the contact details of the top companies that an owner, project manager, designer or shipyard will need, in every relevant sphere.

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Cruise and Ferry Interiors


Cruise & Ferry Interiors that celebrates the work of the individuals and companies whose creative genius and hard work has resulted in the most expressive and inspired interiors in today’s passenger ships.

The interiors of passenger ships have developed as rapidly as the industry has expanded, providing a crucial element in attracting new passengers, ensuring customer satisfaction and securing repeat business. The creative articulation of a ship’s interior has a key role and it is the designer’s task to offer visual diversions and ambience to delight passengers as well as to encourage a sense of social cohesion onboard.

In order to reach a broader audience of industry decision makers, Cruise & Ferry Interiors will form a bound-in supplement to the September issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review.

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IHS Maritime 360

The latest Maritime Industry news, research and analysis

IHS is a leading global market intelligence company that covers a myriad of industries, notably shipping and logistics. We have recently launched a new website called IHS Maritime360. IHS Maritime 360 provides the latest Maritime Industry news, research and analysis. It includes news about shipping, maritime safety and technology, ports, security and related topics.


Cruise Business Review

Cruise Business Magazine online

Cruise Business Online is an easy-to-navigate website with a daily news service.

It offers a comprehensive news archive of up to 12 months.

There are also Article of the Month and Picture of the Week sections.

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VSP Seminar Training

The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) seminars are specifically designed for the cruise ship industry on public health practices that are important for protection of cruise ship passengers and crew. The training is largely based on criteria from the VSP 2011 Operations Manual Adobe PDF file [PDF – 4.88 MB] and other public health resources.

The 2.5-day seminar provides lectures, interactive exercises, and practical hands-on sessions for management personnel from cruise ships that are a part of VSP. Seminars are led by the VSP Environmental Health Officers who conduct the twice-yearly unannounced inspections.

Students structure each session with their questions about the public health principles in the operations manual. The seminar format also allows for more-informal information exchanges outside of class time.

Combined Operations sessions on the first day provide opportunities to discuss topics that overlap with cruise ship operations. Hotel Operations sessions and Technical Operations sessions are offered concurrently on the last day and a half.

Seminar enrollment is limited to attendees from cruise lines that are part of VSP. Class sizes are limited to maximize opportunities for seminar participation.



DATES                                             LOCATION

June 17-19                                         Miami
August 12-14                                      Seattle
September 23-25                                Miami
November 18-20                                 Miami


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Vessel Sanitation Program

The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assists the cruise ship industry to prevent and control the introduction, transmission, and spread of gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses on cruise ships. VSP operates under the authority of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. Section 264 Quarantine and Inspection Regulations to Control Communicable Diseases). VSP is part of the National Center for Environmental Health's Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services.

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Marine Hotel Association

Excellence by Association

The Marine Hotel Association is a not-for profit international organization run by and for the cruise line industrie

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Cruise Shipping Miami

The epicenter of the cruise industry, then the VIP All-Access Pass is the pinnacle of the event experience.

Cruise Shipping Miami is the total epicenter of the cruise industry, bringing together every facet of the business including cruise lines, suppliers, travel agents and partners. For 30 years, Cruise Shipping Miami has been the only global B2B event guaranteed to offer the most valuable and effectual face to face experience






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World Maritime News

Expert coverage of the industry sectors

World Maritime News delivers expert coverage of the industry sectors that matter most to you and your business. This includes news and updates on markets, projects, vessels, equipment, research, shipyards, shipping companies and the authorities dominating these markets.
From breaking news, technological advances to shipping activities, World Maritime News experienced and well-respected team of editors, columnists and correspondents will keep you well informed. Whether you are a project employee, manager, captain, authority or executive, the place to find the latest developments in the maritime industry is on www.worldmaritimenews.com.

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Cruise Industry

News, Forum et Statistics

With a combined circulation of more than 7,500, and a readership of more than 40,000 Cruise Industry News (CIN) covers all the cruise lines, shipyards and other key decision-makers. CIN publications are read by the decision makers at all the cruise lines and aboard the ships; and by shipyard executives, marine engineers, naval architects, and ship designers. These individuals are responsible for newbuildings and refurbishment; machinery, marine equipment, outfitting, furnishings, service and maintenance, itineraries, ports of call, shore excursions, food and beverage, galley and food service equipment, other marine, hotel and passenger products and services

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Salon de Hôtellerie-Restauration à Paris

Equip'Hotel is unmissable actors CHR which gathers all the supply sector of the hotel and restaurant. Both inspiration, generator professional meetings and descrambler trends, the lounge is a laboratory of ideas for careers in hospitality and catering.

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Pax International

News et Ananlysis for the passenger services executive

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Leader international forum of the maritime industry

SMM is the leading international forum of the maritime industry. Every two years, the representatives of the shipbuilding and marine equipment industries from all parts of the world meet in Hamburg, present innovations and forward looking technologies, and set the course for future success of the industry.

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