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PRECETTI, leader in the marine hospitality and catering systems is expanding within the Mega- Yacht Industry.

We have over twenty years of experience in building and refits of galleys, storerooms, laundries and pantries for cruise vessels, ferries and riverboats.

PRECETTI is guaranteeing high quality products, designed and tailor-made to the specific requirements of our clients. Our in-house technology enables us to meet the highest standards in safety and hygiene to the finest details.

PRECETTI is responsive to our customers’ concerns and offers advise on their suggestions. Our responsibility is to act as business partners to seek optimum solution outcomes in respect of the product, environment, maritime and safety regulations, etc.

Hygiene & Sanitation
Due to our large experience in the realisation of fittings of hospitality & catering systems, we are complying with the latest international rules and regulations based on US-PHS.

Functional Performance
The quality of our materials, the professionalism of our employees and our state-of-the art production plant guarantees us to deliver an end product conforming to the highest standards.

Installation & Technical Assistance
All components, installation, technical testing and initial training in use of equipment are guaranteed to minimise ‘after sales’ maintenance interventions.




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Precetti Galley Contractor
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