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Enjoy Space! With the new MKN SpaceCombi

27th of February 2017

SpaceCombi - So much packed into a little space

Many professional chefs appreciate the multifunctionality and user friendliness of a modern combi steamer. However, some of them don’t have sufficient room in their kitchen or they need their combi steamers situated suitably for front cooking and at serving stations, where every centimetre counts. With the space saving SpaceCombi models, MKN offers a professional solution which is specially geared to these conditions.

The SpaceCombi is only 55 cm wide, yet still comparably equipped to larger models. The state of the art MagicPilot touch & slide operating concept with information steps and Favourites function, the automatic cleaning system WaveClean and the consumption display GreenInside are just a few examples of user-oriented features which make the SpaceCombi a high performance professional appliance. In addition, despite its slim width, it offers astounding capacity: 6 x 1/1GN in SpaceCombi Compact and 6 x 2/3 GN in SpaceCombi Junior.

Analogous to the FlexiCombi, the SpaceCombi is also available in the MagicPilot and Classic versions. So every user can decide for himself whether he wants to operate his combi steamer similarly to a smartphone using easy touch and swipe gestures or if a classical control system is preferred.



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