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Galley Grease Hood


General description

Halton KFM is a galley grease hood for use in marine & offshore applications to remove contaminated air released by cooking equipment.

• The design follows USPHS requirements
• Easily removable filters for cleaning
• High level of hygiene facilitated
• Prevention of the build-up of grease deposits, which pose a serious fire hazard
• Halton Capture JetTM technology is available as an option, reducing the required exhaust airflow rate and improving the capture and containment efficiencies of the hood, while reducing energy use
• High-efficiency grease filtration using *UL-classified Halton KSA multi-cyclone filters
• Supplied as standard with lighting, balancing dampers for both supply (if Capture JetTM is included) and exhaust air and T.A.B.™ airflow measurement taps, which allow accurate and effective balancing of airflows, and efficient commissioning
• Stainless steel welded construction