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Pasta cooker MKN


General description

.Electric pasta cooker .Deep-drawn basin made of titanium-stabilized CNS .Housing cpl. made of CNS (AISI 304) .Completely tight, welded top plate with lateral run-off channels (U-shape) for easy cleaning facilities .Heating elements made of special stainless steel .Integrated water tap .No baskets included .Main switch, 7-position switch, timer, end switch, safety thermostat, control lamp, heating elements, contactor, terminal box, IPX 5

Capacity: 1 pan, max. 30 Liters
Style: Pan 400x400x245mm
CH2T: Exhaust ventilation required
CH2C: heat emission : sensitive 350w Latent 2000w
CH3T: Electric connect.
CH3C: 400v 3ph 50/60hz
CH4T: Electric power
CH4C: 10 Kw.
Measures: 600x850x850
Included: One (1) perforated bottom grate
Technical: .Hot water: R1/2
Option1: .One (1) basket size I (1/4), ref. 206011 .One (1) basket size II (1/1), ref. 206012 .Continuous flow-water heater