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Kettle MKN

OPTIMA 2023007B

General description

.Electric tilting quick boiling kettle .Inner kettle diam. 630mm, deep-drawn material 1.4401 .Housing cpl. made of CNS (AISI 304) .Lateral run-off channels (U-shape) for easy cleaning facilities .Double jacketed kettle with separate steam generator VAPRO .Serial execution with three cooking steps (light simmering, medium simmering, cooking) .Permanent readiness for working, because of steam generator with process water monitoring and automatic water level control .Double-walled lid, thermally insulated with spring loaded hinge

Capacity: 80/100 Liters
Style: manual tilting - lateral frame model
CH3T: Electric connection
CH3C: 400v 3ph 50/60hz
CH4T: Electric power
CH4C: 21 kw.
Measures: 1200x850x850
Included: Drain cock strainer
Option1: .Mixing faucet R 3/4