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VSP Seminar Training

28th of May 2015

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) seminars are specifically designed for the cruise ship industry on public health practices that are important for protection of cruise ship passengers and crew. The training is largely based on criteria from the VSP 2011 Operations Manual Adobe PDF file [PDF – 4.88 MB] and other public health resources.

The 2.5-day seminar provides lectures, interactive exercises, and practical hands-on sessions for management personnel from cruise ships that are a part of VSP. Seminars are led by the VSP Environmental Health Officers who conduct the twice-yearly unannounced inspections.

Students structure each session with their questions about the public health principles in the operations manual. The seminar format also allows for more-informal information exchanges outside of class time.

Combined Operations sessions on the first day provide opportunities to discuss topics that overlap with cruise ship operations. Hotel Operations sessions and Technical Operations sessions are offered concurrently on the last day and a half.

Seminar enrollment is limited to attendees from cruise lines that are part of VSP. Class sizes are limited to maximize opportunities for seminar participation.


DATES                           LOCATION

June 17-19                      Miami
August 12-14                   Seattle
September 23-25             Miami
November 18-20              Miami

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