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Control Cabinet Halton


General description

The CCW control cabinet has been designed to manage the washing cycles of the hoods equipped with the water wash technology, whether they are combined or not with other technologies like UV-light system or M.A.R.V.E.L..

Each CCW control cabinet has to be connected with hot water. It is equipped with detergent tank, connected to an automatic dosing system which operates without electricity and uses only the flow of water as it’s power source. The high dosing precision eliminates all risk of overdosing, thus contributing to a better environment. The control cabinet is equipped with a booster pump if the water pressure is not enough to ensure a good washing efficiency.

An LCD touch screen allows an intuitive and efficient interface between the control system and the users. The washing cycles (washing, soaking time and rinsing sequences) are fully automatic and programmable in order to suit different operating conditions. The washing process can be manually overridden when required. The control system is equipped with an interface with the Building Management System (BMS).

• One CCW control cabinet manages up to 8 valves. Extension for up to 32 valves is available as an option.